Is Organic Good Enough?

Is Organic Good Enough?

How would you feel if you found out some organic products are filled with known carcinogens?  What if there is scientific proof of something organic causing your asthma attacks or respiratory illnesses?  That would blow your mind, right?  It would probably irritate you too.  You consciously spent the money and time to go organic for a healthier lifestyle, and it’s only been a beautiful façade for a dangerous product!

Going organic has become somewhat of a trend, however, you need to be careful buying organic products. Always read labels and research your certifications.  “Organic” has become a way for companies to slip through loopholes under the guise of health while still serving you up a product that’s filled with chemicals.  For example, a USDA certified organically grown apple can be taken to be processed into applesauce filled with chemicals and unhealthy ingredients still under the label of organic because it was grown organically.

You can eat only 100% pure, organic meals and still unknowingly be subjecting your body to harmful chemicals in different ways.  A major factor in this is your textiles: bedding, clothing, etc.  It is not required to be reported anywhere what type of process chemicals are used during weaving of your fabrics.  Buy organic, but don’t stop at USDA certified.  Make sure your fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX® or another third-party to be free from the chemicals during processing that are known to harm humans.

One of the worst chemicals most often found in textiles is formaldehyde; which is unregulated in bedding!  No disclosure is required either.  Did you know that formaldehyde is a known carcinogen?  Who wants to spend a third of their life snuggled up in bedding that contains formaldehyde?

Make the smart choice for yourself and your family.  Buy textiles that are organically certified not only with USDA but also OEKO-TEX® such as our Simply Organic Bamboo bedding.  You can go to bed each night knowing that you’ve made the best choice in protecting yourself and your family. 

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