How Bamboo Sheets Are Made

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When you were first introduced to bamboo as a fabric, you were probably surprised.  How does that hard bamboo eaten by pandas and used in construction ever supposed to be made into an incredibly soft yet durable fabric?  We know it sounds unbelievable, so we want to explain just how it’s done!

Grow Bamboo

Bamboo is a naturally sustainable and renewable resource.  It requires much less water than cotton and no pesticides.  It is the fastest growing plant on Earth because it is part of the grass family and requires less land than cotton or trees because of how densely it grows.

Cut Bamboo

When the bamboo reaches maturity, it can be cut and regrown from the same root system without damaging the soil or requiring fresh farmland to grow. The mature bamboo stalks are cut and bundled.  They will be taken to be cut into small pieces of raw bamboo. 

Extract Pulp

The bamboo stalks will be soaked in a solution certified by OEKO-TEX® to maintain safety and ensure no harmful chemicals are used at any stage of textile production.  Pulp will form on the bamboo chunks as they are dipped into the solution.  The pulp will be separated and taken away. 

Dry and Mill the Pulp

The pulp will be laid out to dry.  Once dried, the pulp will be turned into paper-like sheets.  These sheets will be milled into a soft fiber.

Transform Fiber to Yarn

The fiber is spun into very thin bamboo threads.  These threads are then further used to create the thick bamboo yarn.

Finished Product

The yarn is used to make thick, strong, yet incredibly soft bamboo cloth.  The bamboo cloth is sewn into our beautiful Simply Organic Bamboo bedding.

When purchasing bamboo bedding, make sure you look for an OEKO-TEK® certification.  Not all bamboo fabric is created equal.  Buy a quality brand like Simply Organic Bamboo that uses only 100% bamboo viscose that is grown without the use of any harmful chemicals.   We wouldn’t use these sheets in our own home if we didn’t truly love them and trust in their safety and quality.

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  • Vangie Alvarado

    Im a fan and advocate of green living and in fact thinking of having a bamboo farm, so i love reading blogs such as this one. Still awe at how amazing bamboo is….

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