Beat The Summer Heat

Beat The Summer Heat

As the summer heat approaches, we often struggle to find ways to stay cool.  You may want to reduce your energy bills; you may not have air conditioning, or you may be concerned about burning energy that could harm the environment.  No matter your reasoning, we compiled some tips to cool you off this season.

Drink Water

Your body is similar to an air conditioner.  As it heats up from exercise or hot weather, you begin to sweat to cool off.  This coolant needs to be refilled regularly, by drinking lots of water!  The more water you drink during those hot days, the better you will feel.  Skip sugary beverages and instead add mint leaves, cucumbers, lemon, strawberry or other fresh fruits to make your water tasty.

Adjust Your Fans

Face your fans out at night instead of in to keep your room cooler.  Ceiling fans should run counter-clockwise during the summer.  The counter-clockwise turning creates a wind-chill effect, making you feel several degrees cooler.

Avoid the Oven

Plan meals that don’t require using your oven.  Consider using smaller appliances like a slow cooker.  Take advantage of the weather by using the grill and keeping the heat out of the house.  Try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables during the summer.  Lighter meals are easier to digest and are better for hydrating your body.

Insulate Your Windows

Insulation isn’t just for the winter months!  The better insulated your house is, the better it keeps ALL extreme temperatures outside.  Keep your windows closed and use insulated drapes, keeping them shut during the day.  If you want to feel the breeze during the early or late hours, you can open opposing windows to maximize air flow. 

Pick the Right Summer Clothing

Buy clothing with natural fibers instead of synthetic; natural fibers will be more breathable.  Avoid wearing dark colors during the summer as they will just absorb the sun’s heat.  Wear breathable shoes to allow your body heat to escape. 

Install Air Vents

If you don’t already have air vents in your attic, have them installed this season!  They allow for more air circulation and will make a big impact in cooling your entire home.

Care for Your Air Conditioner

Clean or replace your air conditioner’s filter once a month during the summer.  Also, have your ducts serviced to check for leaks that can affect its efficiency. 


Turn off and unplug any lights, appliances, or electronics that you aren’t using.  Handwash your dishes or at least air dry them instead of heat drying them in the dishwasher.  Hang dry your laundry instead of using the dryer.  Shutdown your computer anytime you aren’t actively using it.

Switch to Simply Organic Bamboo

Higher body temperatures make it more difficult to fall asleep.  Humid nights in the summer can make bedtime miserable.  Make the switch to Simply Organic Bamboo.  Our bedding is naturally moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating which will keep you cool during these hot summer nights.

You can avoid the hefty utility bills, further protect the environment, and keep yourself comfortable by following these tips.  Small changes can add up to a huge difference.  We at Simply Organic Bamboo hope you make some wonderful summer memories!

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