Beauty Sleep Reinvented

Beauty Sleep Reinvented

Since the 1800s, people have been using the term “beauty sleep” to refer to the benefits that quality sleep can have on your appearance.  You may already know that sleep helps to repair your body tissues, preventing wrinkles and tightening skin; but would you believe me if I told you that bamboo sheets can go even further to reinvent beauty sleep for you? 

Smoother Hair

Bamboo pillowcases prevent damage to your hair follicles.  When you sleep on a bamboo pillowcase, you experience less frizz and tangles.  You no longer have to buy separate silk pillowcases, because bamboo is just as good to your hair as silk.  Additionally, you aren’t going to wake up with sweat-soaked hair because of the temperature regulation in bamboo.

Clear, Fresh Skin

Studies have been done to show that the bacteria on your pillowcase looks the same as the bacteria found on your toilet seat!  That bacteria can wreak havoc on your skin, creating blemishes and leaving unpleasant scents.  Bamboo sheets are antimicrobial and moisture wicking, preventing that bacteria from being able to cling to your bedding in the first place.  And because they’re made naturally without harmful chemicals, those with sensitive skin can be confident that they won’t suffer from rashes or inflammation.

Soft, Moisturized Skin

Bamboo’s incredibly soft fibers smoothly drift over your skin, creating less friction and preventing damage just like it does with your hair.  It gives already dry skin a lush environment to heal quickly.  The temperature regulation prevents you from getting hot and sweaty which keeps your body from losing that precious moisture, instead of saving it for softening and healing your skin.  Bamboo sheets can even greatly help those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Beauty sleep can be so much more than just the amount of time you are getting in your bed. If you want to spend less time fighting unruly hair, treating acne-prone skin, and lathering on the intensive moisturizers, switch to Simply Organic Bamboo bedding and reinvent the meaning of your beauty sleep. 

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