Calming Bedroom Colors

Calming Bedroom Colors

Colors are an amazing visual tool that have been proven to affect your mind. Each person has their own special connection to certain colors. Professional psychologists can all agree that colors affect you personally. If a color can change your mood or affect your first impressions, don’t you want a bedroom that induces a mental state of calm relaxation when you first walk into it? We’ve compiled a list of calming bedroom colors for you, but remember that each person will have their own unique take on each color. Follow your own intuition.

Light Grey, White, and Beige

As we go into colors, often it’s important to start with an airy base color such as a light gray, white, or beige. These calming colors have a way of brightening a room and making it appear larger. They are the perfect base to bring in other colors, whether you’re using them on three walls and a different color as an accent wall, saturating your room with these base colors in your bedding like our Simply Organic Bamboo sheets, or accent furniture and décor.


Whether your favorite is an icy blue, a deep ocean blue, or something in between, blue has always been a favorite for bedroom colors. Colors of nature are always a great place to start when you’re looking for calming colors. When you step outside on a beautiful day, you are usually met with a cloudless blue sky. If you live by the beach or a lake then it’s the blue water that draws you in.


Another main color of nature is green! An earthy sage may wash you over with a feeling of serenity while something a bit deeper may remind of your first visit to a rainforest styled spa. Green and blue are as equally beautiful paired together in a room as they are in nature, too. 


A muted lavender may be the right color to set your mind at ease and is a perfect pair with shades of silver or gold. Set up your lavender aromatherapy, and your bedroom will be your sweet place of solace before you know it. 


Paint is not the only way to bring a calming color into your bedroom. Those who rent may not have that option to begin with. You can still bring in those calm colors with the following: furniture – think wood which is another call to nature, plush rugs, scenic pictures, bedding, window treatments, wall planks, or plants.

It's no question that the world of color has a large, personal impact on each individual. Take the time to find the colors that calm you and put your mind at rest.  Use those colors to create the ultimate bedroom of relaxation.

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