Caring For Your Bamboo Sheets

Caring For Your Sheets

Our Simply Organic Bamboo sheets are durable and easy to maintain as long as you follow a few simple care instructions.  They should outlive your conventional sheets by several years.  While standard sheets need to be replaced every year or two, bamboo sheets can last much longer If you care for them properly. 


Always use a mild detergent on a gentle cycle.  It is best to wash your sheets alone, not mixing them with other colors or materials since zippers, hooks, Velcro, and rough fabric like denim can cause pilling and excess abrasion. It’s important to use cool water to prolong the life of your sheets.  Because Bamboo sheets are naturally resistant to odors and bacteria, they do not need to be succumbed to high heat.  If they are heavily soiled, bamboo sheets may be presoaked in the washer with warm water.


You can machine dry your sheets on a delicate cycle on low heat.  Do not dry them longer than necessary and promptly remove them to reduce wrinkling. 


Stain removers are ok to use as long as they are chlorine free.  General stains can be treated by spraying with 1 TBS of vinegar mixed with 4 TBS of water and laundering as usual.  Stains from body oils or lotions can be removed by pre-washing with a ¼ cup of dish soap or gently rubbing a few drops of dish soap mixed with water onto the stain before washing.  Natural stain removers containing baking soda are also great options to use.


No formaldehyde resin is used in the making of bamboo sheets which means they’re natural and safe but may wrinkle.  They are not deeply creased wrinkles common in cotton sheets, and they fall out easily but may require some light ironing if left in the dryer.  Use an iron on the lowest setting possible and without steam.

Things to Avoid:

  • NO bleach which can damage bamboo fibers.
  • NO hydrogen peroxide or similar chemicals as they can cause yellowing and weaken the material.
  • NO fabric softeners or dryer sheets - they’re not needed as the bamboo fabric is already luxuriously soft and not recommended as they could break down the composition of the fabric.  They can also leave a film on the fabric reducing the moisture-wicking properties.
  • NO lotions or oils - due to the natural and organic nature of our fibers, our bamboo bedding should not be exposed to lotions or oils, as this can cause discolorations/stains on the fabric.

Additional Tips:

  • Wash before the first use to allow for shrinkage and a proper mattress fit.
  • When you take them out of the washer, they may feel stiff, similar to canvas. This will change once the sheets are done drying.  This is normal; they have not been harmed.
  • It is normal to find extra lint in the lint trap the first couple of washes.
  • If you dry them outdoors, note that because they are naturally moisture wicking, it may take some extra time to dry.
  • To prolong the life of your sheets, we recommend rotating between several pairs of Simply Organic Bamboo bed sheets. Why not get a set in every color?!

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