Choosing the Best Bamboo Mattress Topper

Are you trying to be eco-conscious? If so, then you may know the power of bamboo.

You will find bamboo in Southeast Asia, South America, and the Southeast United States. It is fast-growing and requires very little work to farm. Bamboo is also naturally resistant to bugs (i.e., no pesticides needed), and it has low water requirements. These qualities make bamboo an excellent renewal source for everything from organically grown bamboo sheets to toothbrushes.

If you need a new bamboo mattress topper, read on how to choose the best one on the market.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Bamboo Mattress Topper

Why consider any mattress topper? The reasons are plenty:

  1. They can extend the life of your mattress.
  2. They can help as you recover from injury, creating more padding during your sleep.
  3. When made of suitable material, they help you cool down.
  4. The right mattress topper can improve the quality of your sleep.

How is Bamboo Made?

The leaves and the hard trunk are first crushed to extract the bamboo cellulose, then the bamboo fibers are soaked in enzymes. After soaking in the enzymes, the fibers are spun. Bamboo fibers turn plush and silky during the spinning process. The process is completely free from animal products, making them a great down alternative, especially great for vegans!

Bamboo Properties that Make it a Great Mattress Topper

Bamboo mattress toppers are cooling, as bamboo fibers are breathable and help pull moisture away from the body. Bamboo fibers allow for the mattress topper to maintain the ideal body temperature for you while you sleep. 

Simply Organic Bamboo Mattress Pad

Filled with all-natural, fluffy bamboo fiber, our mattress pad features quilted pockets to prevent shifting. 

  • Crafted from 100% bamboo fibers.
  • Our bamboo mattress pad is cool and breathable due to the natural moisture-wicking properties of bamboo.
  • Bamboo is softer than Egyptian Cotton.
  • Our bamboo mattress pad fits mattresses up to 18" thick.
  • Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties and is ideal for people with allergies.
  • Our mattress pad is certified organically-grown bamboo by Ecocert
  • Our mattress pad is also certified free of harmful chemicals by Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.


  • Twin: 39x75x18''
  • Queen: 60x80x18''
  • King: 76x80x18''
  • California King: 72x84x18''

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