How Getting Enough Sleep Could Be Your Fountain of Youth

Keen to know what the secret to the fountain of youth is? You may be surprised to hear that it's not that secret at all, but instead is something we make a habit of anyway - sleeping. Here's why this everyday practice could be the key to looking and feeling younger.

Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and reenergized the next day, then it's a good idea to stick to a regular schedule and not deviate too much from what you're used to. Moreover, your body's circadian rhythm will usually get used to a certain way of doing things. So, if you usually tuck in early, try not to make it a habit to forcefully stay awake when you're tired, as this can cause you to feel even more depleted the next day. 

Choose a comfortable pillow

For most people, a pillow is what can make or break a good night's rest. Therefore, you'll first want to ensure that your pillow is comfortable and suits your sleeping posture. Your pillow should be the correct height if you suffer from unpleasant sleep-related conditions such as post nasal drip. Sleeping with your head elevated just that little bit can help you get a good night of undisturbed rest. 

Select quality bedding

Check out Simply Organic Bamboo to find luxurious bedding crafted from organically grown bamboo made for comfort, softness, and breathability.

Wear your jammies

Wearing the right type of sleepwear can also help to promote an excellent night's rest. So be sure to go that extra mile when choosing comfortable jammies or nightgowns, as this can enhance your quality of sleep that much more.

Sleep in a dark room

Sleeping in a room that is too bright can also end up disturbing our sleeping patterns; hence, there is such a thing as blackout curtains or blinds, especially for poor or light sleepers that wake up for practically anything. Furthermore, too much sun is bad for our skin anyway, as it can result in premature aging. 

Have a nighttime skin cleansing routine

As much as tucking in early is the best thing we can do for our skin, so is making sure that our skin is residue-free. This is why so many people follow a strict nighttime cleansing routine to ensure their skin can breathe while they're asleep. You're probably also more likely to fall asleep quicker when your skin is clean and fresh. Importantly, don't forget to moisturize before bed, as this can give your skin the extra hydration it needs to replenish some of the moisture lost when sleeping. 

Don't indulge before bedtime

Stop snacking before bedtime, especially, if those snacks happen to consist of lots of sugar or caffeine as that can cause digestion issues. Or, in the case of too much caffeine intake, not fall asleep at all. 

Limit nap during the day 

Having regular daytime naps can interfere with your sleep schedule. So, if you don't have to nap during the day, then skip it, as this will avoid creating a situation where you're left counting sheep for ages. 

Sleep is vital for every component of our bodies and minds to function appropriately; hence, you should make every effort to ensure you are as 'sleep-ready' as you can be before calling it a night. 

Written by: Larry Waters

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