Inviting Guest Room

Inviting Guest Room

When you have guests staying in your home, you want their stay to be a positive experience.  You don’t need to own a five-star luxurious hotel to make visitors feel comfortable and important.  Follow some of these simple tips to spruce up your spare room and wow anyone who stays for a visit.  You never know- they may decide to stay and enjoy the comforts of your home just a little longer. 

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a simple way to make any spot seem more refreshing and inviting.  Pick up a small bunch at your local florist and put them in a vase on a dresser or bedside table.  This simple gesture will surely draw your guest’s attention immediately.  Consider adding a simple hand-written welcome note for that added touch.

Comfortable Bedding

Ultimately, your guest needs to have a great night’s sleep.  Your guest will love your luxurious Simply Organic Bamboo bedding, noticing the buttery softness and temperature-controlled sleep.  Top our sheets with our bamboo comforter, duvet cover, and beautiful throw blanket to give the bed that magazine-worthy look.

Extra Linens

Store some extra blankets in a decorative basket at an easy-to-spot location for those guests that may get a little chilly.  Top them with guest towels and any necessities to freshen up upon arrival.   

Simple Necessities

The guest room should contain what your guests need to feel at home.  Make sure they have a mirror for getting ready and touching up, easy access to outlets for charging, a small trash can, and a small clock so they can stay on schedule for events that are planned or flights that need to be caught.  Another nice touch is the addition of a guest WIFI password for their stay, either framed on a dresser or left on a bedside table notepad. 


Aside from the necessity of privacy from your neighbors, your guest may not want to wake up with the sun.  Guests are on vacation from their typical day-to-day life while staying with you.  Plans may include late nights out or mornings for sleeping in late.  Make sure they have curtains or blinds over any windows to ensure the ability to block morning sunlight.

Bedside Lamp

You can probably turn your bedroom light off and navigate to bed without a problem, but your guest doesn’t have your home memorized as you do.  Keep a small lamp close to the bed to prevent your guest from stumbling in the dark.  This is also great for those guests who like to read before bed. 

Clothing Storage

Your guest may not be having an extended stay, but there is comfort in not having to live out of a suitcase.  Keep a dresser with at least a couple empty drawers in the guest room and open space in the closet for hanging clothes. 

It doesn’t take a lot to make a comfortable guest room.  Simple touches, thoughtful additions, and comfortable bedding will keep your guests coming for multiple return visits.  Take the time to create the perfect guest room so you and your guest can enjoy the short time you may have together. 

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