New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Each new year is filled with hope and promises.  If you are like a majority of people, you begin the new year with a list of goals in mind.  Maybe you want to get ahead on your finances, get into a healthier lifestyle, increase your knowledge, or work towards a lasting relationship.  Whatever your resolution is, you want to be able to follow through with it.  We want to help you do just that and have provided some tips to see the start of a wonderful year through to the end! 

Be Realistic

Sometimes the truth hurts, and the truth about resolutions is that 80% of them fail by February.  In order to keep your resolution, you need to be realistic about picking one.  We all have a lot of room for improvement, but we cannot improve everything at once.  Pick one feasible goal for the year and stick with it.  If your idea of a home cooked meal is heating up a frozen meal in the microwave, setting a new year’s resolution to eat solely raw & organic food probably isn’t your best option; maybe stick with a goal of cooking one new, healthy meal a week.  Mastering one simple goal a year is a lot more effective than failing a full list of unattainable ones every single year.

Be Personal

Pick a resolution that means something personal to you.  Don’t say you want to read more books just because you saw a social media post about it.  Maybe you had a close family member battle lung cancer from smoking, and you want to drop the cigarettes for good.  That’s the type of meaningful resolution you should be making.  A goal that is going to truly benefit yourself and your loved ones is a goal that you are going to work harder to attain. 

Partner Up

Find somebody who you feel comfortable telling about your resolution.  Ask them to keep you accountable whether it’s with a bi-weekly check-in or actively partnering with you in the same goal.  It’s true that there is strength in numbers.  Everybody needs a support system, even for the seemingly little things.  If your goal is to save money, ask your partner to check in on you every pay period about the money you wanted to set aside or to stop you when you want to make impulsive purchases.

Get Back on Track

Accept the fact that there will be setbacks.  Any type of improvement is going to take work and is going to push you.  You may break your resolution, even more than once; and you may be tempted to call it quits.  Just because you dropped it, doesn’t mean you can’t pick it right back up and continue.  Do the hard but good thing for yourself and see it through.  You don’t need to expect perfection; just do your best.

Adjust as Needed

Part way through the year, you may find that your goal was less attainable than you thought, or maybe you already reached your goal before the year was over and need to increase it.  Either way, adjustment is a necessary part of life.  If your goal was to make your home eco-friendlier and you’ve already upgraded to LED light bulbs, Simply Organic Bamboo bedding, and energy efficient appliances; maybe your next step should be to start purchasing more organic food or sustainable clothing.

Whatever your resolution is, you likely chose it because the end result will make your life more beneficial and fulfilling. Goals like that deserve to be accomplished.  Make your life a priority and take each year as a step to bettering it!  We at Simply Organic Bamboo hope you have a bright New Year filled with possibilities, hope, and accomplishment!

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