How Bamboo is Temperature Regulating

Temperature Regulating

When it comes to your home, you want it to be comfortable.  You need it to be a place to retreat after a long day of work.  Temperature is a huge factor in the comfort of your home, but it is also a huge factor in arguments between couples.  One-third of couples argue over the thermostat.  Typically, one person prefers a cool environment while the other likes to be warm, but other factors such as saving on the family budget come into play.   

Bedtime can be brutal during these battles of the thermostat.  You cannot get a good night’s sleep when you are uncomfortable.  Lack of sleep may cause you to be irritable, depressed, or unable to concentrate.  You try your best to combat it by buying thinner blankets or wearing warmer pajamas, but the result is usually subpar. 

Bamboo sheets can be a permanent fix for your bedtime temperature discomfort.  Not only are they more comfortable than your highest count Egyptian cotton, but they also regulate body temperature.  They’re moisture wicking and breathable.  They reduce humidity in your bed by 50%! 

When you use conventional sheets and start to sweat at night, those sheets absorb your sweat and trap the moisture in the material making you damp and hot and causing yellowing in your sheets.  Bamboo sheets work differently.  They wick the moisture away from you into the surface of your bedding.  At the surface, the moisture evaporates.  Bamboo sheets work with you, cooling you off the same way your body tries to do when it sweats.  During the cooler months, bamboo sheets keep you warm, regulating your body temperature to keep you that way, just as a blanket should.

Try our Simply Organic Bamboo bed sheets.  You’ll find that you can stop spending the money on different seasonal bedding, stop arguing over the thermostat with your partner, and start saving money on your family budget.  Buy less, buy better.   

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