Thread Count Myths

Thread Count

When you first start buying sheets as an adult, you realize this thing called “thread count”.  You notice that as the thread count gets higher, the sheets apparently get more lavish.  You get so engulfed in thread count that you never stop to question what it even is.  Then you look at bamboo sheets and realize the thread count is lower than you’d expect and you halt in confusion wondering if they can really be as great as people claim.  Let’s break down this myth of thread count.

What is thread count?

Thread count is based on the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of your sheets. 

Why is thread count popular?

Cotton sheet quality has long been based on thread count.  It is believed that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet and the longer it lasts.  Typical ranges are between 200 and 800 thread count, but the truth is that the quality maxes out around 400 when it comes to cotton.  Companies will thin their thread to heighten their thread count, tricking their customers into paying a heftier price for a lower quality product.  Don’t trust outrageous thread count numbers!

 Can you have high-quality sheets with a lower thread count?

Absolutely!  Fiber quality is what makes or breaks your sheets, not thread count.  You wouldn’t want to make bedding from hay because no matter how many fibers of hay you fit into a square inch, the result would still be uncomfortable because the fiber quality is awful.  Egyptian sheets are known for being much softer than their regular cotton sisters not because of their thread count but because of their higher quality, longer cotton fibers.  The long, strong fibers make the sheets last longer and remain softer than regular cotton sheets.

How does thread count affect bamboo sheets?

The fiber quality of bamboo viscose is so superior to other fibers that thread count is unimportant and often not even labeled.  A lower thread count bamboo sheet will still be softer than the highest Egyptian cotton thread count sheets.  Bamboo viscose fibers are so soft and durable that they will last longer than other sheets and get softer with every use.  

What have we learned?

Quality over quantity still holds true.  We have blindly followed the myth of thread count because we are so used to having sheets advertised to us that way.  Don’t always trust advertising; thread count wasn’t even a large seller until recent years.  Do your research to find the highest quality fibers when buying any type of textiles.  When it comes to bedding, you know you have the softest, highest quality ones on the market when you’re buying from Simply Organic Bamboo.

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