Top 6 Tips to Make Your Home Look Gorgeous

Not everyone has the eye for design or the budget to hire an interior designer. Yet, the desire to make one's home look beautiful and take pride in home ownership is a natural feeling. 

Fortunately, you don't need years of interior design experience or a creative eye to elevate your home. Here are the top six tips to make your home look gorgeous without hiring a decorator.

#1. Refresh Your Textiles

Your home's textiles— curtains, rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and bedding— make a significant impact. They're the finishing touch that ties a room together, and one of the most versatile decor pieces in your home. Refreshing your textiles can transform a room with minimal effort. 

Refreshing the textiles is a lovely way to add a pop of color or create a seasonal atmosphere. Welcome the spring with beautiful window coverings and elegant floral throw pillows. Prepare for winter with some luxe velvet jewel tones and cozy cashmere or snuggly throws

Don't neglect the bedroom when revitalizing your home decor. Updating your bedding is an excellent way to elevate your bedroom decor while adding a touch of luxury. Add a bamboo duvet cover or quilt for an elegant finish that feels soft as a cloud. 

#2. Take a Minimalist Approach

One of the common mistakes homeowners make when refreshing their decor is overlooking the impacts of clutter. Many people have lovely homes that just need good tidying.

Take a minimalist approach to your decor by removing the extras and ensuring everything displayed has a purpose. Implement functional storage options that hide belongings while adding to the decor. A few simple baskets or tasteful photo boxes can make all the difference when elevating a living room or office.

Despite the contrast, maximalist design follows many of the same principles as minimalist design. While your rooms may have more items on display, everything should be chosen intentionally and placed with the flow in mind.

#3. Style Your Bookshelves

Bookshelves are more than a functional storage option; they're a blank canvas waiting to be decorated. Start with your shelf placement and size. If your shelves are overcrowded with books and belongings, consider adding another one or decluttering. You can place your shelves together for a grand, imposing look, or on either side of a fireplace, television, or lounge chair to create separation and dimension.

Get creative in displaying your books, laying some on their side in stacks to create variability and structure. Then, add thoughtful photos, trinkets, and accent pieces to tie it all together. Remember that bookshelves aren't meant to look perfect; organized chaos is the key to this art form.

#4. Vary Your Lighting Options

Having several lighting options can transform the atmosphere of your home with the click of a button. Most rooms benefit from having lamps and brighter overhead lights. 

Use bright overhead lights for workspaces and cleaning efforts. Then, use a dimmer switch or supplementary lights to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for relaxation and social gatherings.

Adding accent light fixtures in notable areas, like over the dining room table and kitchen island or the foyer can also add a designer-inspired touch.

#5. Decorate with Natural Elements

Humans have an innate connection with nature. Using natural elements to decorate taps into a deeper emotional response that resonates with visitors and occupants.

Add natural wood and stone touches where appropriate, either as permanent fixtures or accent elements. Incorporate living plants and fresh flowers whenever possible for scientifically proven mood-boosting effects.

#6. Create Cohesion and Focal Points

Finally, consider your overarching themes in a room and the house as a whole. Choose colors that complement and contrast and feature them prominently in each room. If you have an open concept home or clear visual lines between rooms, consider how each room ties together. Add one connecting element— whether it's a color or pattern— to create alignment between different areas.

Using these designer-inspired tips, you can make your home look gorgeous without losing your personal flair.

Written by: Lauren Webber

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