Update, Upgrade, And Refresh Your Living Space This Winter

Winter is here, and like last year, we are all likely to spend more time at home throughout the colder months. But, that doesn’t mean that our homes have to stay exactly the same. There are a few quick projects you can do that will help your entire family weather the winter weather with your physical and mental health intact. 

Along with updating your bed linens, we encourage you to use the following tips. 

Before You Get Started

Before you start your updating endeavors, it’s a good idea to understand the fundamentals of design. Courses like DecoratorStudio or HGTV Design 101 can walk you through these. These digital courses are ideal for those of you that aspire to be your own personal Joanna Gaines. Something else to consider is how changes you make today might affect your property’s value, especially if you plan to move within the next few years. Get to know what features are in high demand in your local market. And, when you do change something around, keep all of your receipts and have before and after pictures saved if you plan to sell for slightly more than the home next door as you may have to justify your list price.

A Happier Home Is Within Reach

Are you feeling stressed? Most of us are. You don’t have to feel that way at home. A few ways to ease tension within the confines of your safe space include:

  • Eliminate clutter. Clutter causes stress and can actually make your home a health hazard.
  • Digitize what you can. Clearing clutter should extend to any piles of paperwork, important documents and photographs. A PDF file merger can help you keep everything organized and all in one place.
  • Change toiletries. Organic soaps are better for your skin, and a new scent can boost your mood.
  • Clean your fridge. Chances are, there’s at least one container of six-month-old yogurt lurking in the bottom of your refrigerator. Empty the fridge completely, clean with a disinfectant, and don’t forget to vacuum the coils to improve efficiency.
  • Improve air quality. Whether you realize it or not, the air inside of your home can actually be worse than that outdoors. If you have pets, smoke, or have allergies, you’ll want to pay super close attention to the air circulating around you. Petro Home Services suggests changing the filters, checking your air ducts, and keeping your rugs and carpets clean.
  • Clean the chimney. While this falls under air quality, it also falls under safety measures. If you use a wood-burning fireplace, it’s important to have your chimney cleaned every year to remove build-up. Find a chimney cleaner near you who can make short work of this dirty task.  
  • Paint. Color is a powerful mood changer. If you find that you feel stressed out each time you walk into a certain room, grab your paintbrush. Blues, greens, and neutrals are typically more calming than reds, oranges, and other warm colors.
  • Get new bed linens. Tossing and turning all night? Your bedding might be the problem. Bamboo sheets are a great option, as it offers both softness and temperature regulating effects. No matter what you have on your bed, wash your sheets often (we recommend every 1-2 weeks) and cozy up with a bamboo comforter for your best night's rest.
  • Make your bed. Speaking of bed linens, you’ll also want to make a point to make your bed each morning. This is a quick psychological trick that can help you feel more productive and ready to tackle the day.

Outsource When Needed

There are many things you can do on your own to revitalize your space. However, certain aspects of your home improvement projects are best left to the professionals.

Take time to evaluate your needs and how small changes can improve your lifestyle. From simply changing your bath product to updating the color scheme in rooms that make you antsy, the above tips can help you have a happier and healthier home throughout the cold winter months.

Article written by: Lisa Walker

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