Uses For Your Bamboo Bag

Bamboo Bag

It would be a shame to buy bamboo sheets made from a renewable, sustainable resource just to skimp on the packaging with something not of equal quality.  When you purchase a Simply Organic Bamboo sheet set, duvet cover, or pillowcase set, your item will arrive in a fabric bag made of 100% bamboo viscose.  We find it important for your packaging not to go to waste, so below you will find just a sampling of the many ways to get use out of your bamboo bag!

Whether you’re on a trip around town or an extended vacation, take your Simply Organic Bamboo bag along with you!

  • Keep your toiletries or shoes separated from your clothing in your suitcase.
  • Keep your snacks, wallet, and spare clothes sand-free when you go to the beach.
  • Load it full of baby care items to stash in your diaper bag, stroller, and/or car when you make play dates.
  • Keep your pet’s treats, toys, and bathroom bags all in one spot.
  • Make it your designated library bag for borrowing and returning books.
  • Use it in place of a plastic bag at your favorite stores.

You can use your Simply Organic Bamboo bag without ever leaving the house.

  • Keep your delicates from getting tangled in the laundry by placing them in your bamboo bag in the wash.
  • Neatly store away children’s toy cars, dolls, or blocks.
  • Put loose markers, crayons, and colored pencils in your bag to keep them in one easy-to-find spot.
  • Use it for sewing supplies to organize your needles, thread and measuring tape.

The Simply Organic Bamboo bag can be used as a creative way in gifting to others.

  • Use it as a gift bag for your friend’s birthday.
  • Let your child use it for all of their Trick-or-Treat goodies.
  • Reuse it as a Santa Clause knapsack for a Christmas gift.
  • Go with an Easter bag in lieu of a basket.

Customize It
However you choose to use it, make it your own and have fun!  The possibilities are endless.

  • Have a name embroidered on it.
  • Add some appliques.
  • Use fabric markers to draw on it.
  • Put your favorite sports team’s logo on it.

It’s important for us to package your sheets in a way that supports our earth and future generations.  We hope you find a special way to use your Simply Organic Bamboo bag!

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