Care Instructions

Our Simply Organic Bamboo sheets are durable and easy to maintain as long as you follow a few simple care instructions.  They should outlive your conventional sheets by several years.  While standard sheets need to be replaced every year or two, bamboo sheets can last much longer If you care for them properly.


  • Always wash your sheets separately, not mixing them with other colors or materials like zippers, hooks, Velcro or denim.  Use a mild detergent on a gentle cycle with cold water.


  • You can machine dry them on delicate cycle on low tumble.  Do not dry them longer than necessary and promptly remove them to reduce wrinkling. 


  • Stain removers are ok to use as long as they are chlorine free.  Natural stain removers containing baking soda are also great options to use.


  • Use an iron on the lowest setting possible and without steam.

Things to Avoid:

  • No bleach
  • No hydrogen peroxide or similar chemicals
  • No fabric softeners or dryer sheets